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On Monday 19th August, I'll be joining other real estate professionals and spending a night living homeless as part of the Real Estate Sleep Out 2019. One night out in the cold won't change my life too much but your donation will help Youth Off the Streets continue the work they do to contribute towards the 44,000 young people that experience homelessness.

Your support and contribution can help break the cycle for many marginalised young people in Australia. Thank you for your help and generosity!

My Updates

16 Aug 2019

Only 3 days left to go!

I'm starting to feel mild regret but that's only because I have a choice to spend the night in my own bed indoors.

Thank you once again to all the generous people in my life and are happy to see me sleep outside for the greater good.

I hope the sunrise on the next morning will be an amazing reward. :)

08 Aug 2019

Thank you to all the generous people who have contributed. This warms my soul and I'm so lucky to have such compassionate individuals in my life.

I've raised my goal again because your help has knocked my previous one of $1500 out the park!

Your support will help young people like Blake and many others who share a similar experience.
If you have time, here is his story: https://youthoffthestreets.com.au/2019/06/01/blakes-story-reminder/

07 Aug 2019

Thank you again to all that have contributed. I've raised my fundraising goal because my initial $500 goal was already achieved! It's heartwarming that so many people have come together to raise money for such a good cause.

Here are a few things that your contribution can assist Youth Off the Streets with:
- Crisis accommodation
- Counselling
- Legal support
- Alternative Education pathways
- Alcohol and Drug education and many more intervention and support programs

06 Aug 2019

Thank you to everyone who's donated to this cause so far! This event is only 2 weeks away now and we've hit my initial goal of $500. I'm so appreciative of all the contributions made so far and I hope it inspires more people to donate or to even read about what this fundraiser is about.

Thank you once again.


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